A perfect cardio and conditioning work out, boxing can be a fun way to reach your personal targets. From learning and perfecting boxing technique, to burning serious calories during a sparring session, the advantages of using boxing as a training method are endless. If you have an interest in this area, we can discuss how best to tailor this to your targets. Boxing can be used as a primary training method, or as part of a larger more varied plan.

Potentially the most versatile of the training techniques I offer, kettlebells and viprs can be utilised to build strength, increase power, boost weightloss, tone muscle and burn calories. This is a training aid I use regularly myself, and promote as a tried and tested technique. Varying weights make these easy to tailor to each individual and can be incorporated into many workouts. Originally from Russia, kettlebells are becoming more and more popular with fitness specialists today.

Nutrition is an area important when losing weight and building muscle. It is vital that you understand the nutrients that the body needs, as well as the ones you should restrict. I can provide guidance on this, having completed extensive training on this recently.

Weight-loss isn’t all about the number on the scales; you need to know you are losing fat and not muscle mass. This is where bodyfat analysis comes in. Through a series of short pain-free tests I can analyse your current bodyfat percentage, and advise you on the results. I also have heart monitoring equipment which gives a measurable analysis of your improving fitness level. Figures aren’t everything, but they do help you see the results you are achieving in a measurable format.

There is nothing better for motivation than having a partner to train with. I offer sessions for pairs as well as individuals, and can specially select and tailor workouts that incorporate both partners’ strengths and areas for improvement. On the plus side with this option also it can split the cost and make your sessions cheaper!

The home training service that I offer has benefits that a standard gym membership cannot achieve. I can come to your home, bringing high-quality fitness and exercise equipment, and help you workout in the comfort of your own home. This generally suits those that have children to care for, limited time to visit external exercise facilities, or those who wish to avoid the financial implications of holding a gym membership.

Have targets that you want to meet, but don’t have the time to attend the gym regularly? I can offer over the phone and email lifestyle coaching incorporating nutrition, fitness and exercise tips and regimes. This motivation and support will help keep you on the straight and narrow, and ensure that you have a point of contact to ask “am I making the right decision” at any time during the day and evening.

Boxing and Pad Work

Kettlebells and Viprs

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Weight-loss and Bodyfat

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